How it works

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Working with us will guarantee maximum efficiency and minimal effort from your side
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1. Meeting
First, we will settle the terms of a meeting, via phone or e-mail.
This meeting helps us get to know each other, as well as get all the necessary details concerning the business you wish to promote.
2. Analysis
We gather all the necessary information to find out what you want to get out of your business, how you see it.
We’ll analyze whatever issues your company faces when it comes to advertising and promoting it. Next, we will prepare an offer based on the audit outcome.
3. Strategy
We’ll be creating a promotional strategy to neutralize your business’ weak points.
After, we work out a coherent and solid strategy, we pitch it to our client.
We will set another meeting in which we’ll be explaining exactly how we can help our client achieve his goals. Our strategy is adaptive, constantly evolving towards the target audience focused on the mediums that generate the best results
4. Action
We meet the project manager to start the project.
Having come to terms with our visions upon the approach, we’ll apply the advertising strategy.
5. Results
Gain increased brand awareness, bigger audience and brand visibility.
The outcome is carefully monitored by our colleagues. You will get a monthly report to better understand the path of your business’ marketing evolution.