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Taking a product through the entire marketing process, from its creation to its destination
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Briefly said, marketing is the art and knowledge of selling to a specific public, using various methods and techniques.
Direct Marketing
Brand management

Branding is the image of a company embedded by its products and services. All the means of communicating and acknowledging the brand is what defines the concept of branding.
Every company is looking for ways to better place itself on the market. Also, it is of high importance that the general perception the public receives from a brand is as close to reality as possible.
We can help your company receive the image it deserves, making your brand strongly engraft into your client’s mind, generating confidence.

Strategic marketing

The campaigns we undertake are based on marketing strategy and a well defined purpose.

Strategic marketing is a process that helps us efficiently center all the available resources in order to use every existing opportunity. All this in order to increase your sales and market share.

Audit marketing

Here’s how it goes: we thoroughly analyze your business’ image, in order to identify what’s working and what’s not. If your business is not as well-placed on the market as you’d want it, if it’s not bringing you the results you are looking to achieve, or even if you decided to rebrand, a marketing audit will come in handy.

This way, we can measure your results.

According to the audit, we can come up with the most suitable marketing strategy for your business. This analysis is done both at an internal, as well as an external level.
The process helps us establish the issues your company faces, such as clients’ and employees’ dissatisfactions, internal or external malfunctions.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the most popular social media channel worldwide. Everybody is using it nowadays, especially urban inhabitants. Facebook ads have the advantage of reaching a high number of people in exchange for little money.

Another advantage is being able to address a specific target public, meaning the ads will only be displayed to those particularly interested.

Instagram Ads

Instagram is a social media app which has taken everyone by surprise. An image is indeed worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to Instagram. Focused on clear, simple and minimalist messages, Instagram reaches its public entirely through pictures. It comes with an impressive collection of graphic filters and editing tools, making a skilled photographer out of everyone using this app.

Instagram ads are highly recommended to everyone promoting a visual brand, focusing on presentation - from delicious food to jewellery or cars - whatever pleases the Instagram user’s eye.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are one of the most effective ways to sell products or services. Specifically designed with the help of certain means of influencing, landing pages are the most convincing ways of communicating with your potential clients.

Landing pages are based on the mental algorithm of the client when deciding whether or not to buy something. These are the key to efficient communication when presenting a special product, being able to deliver useful information in a friendly, productive way.

Adwords campaigns

Google Adwords are a very good way to address users which are particularly interested in your products and services.
One of its benefits is being able to efficiently target your audience. The ad will only be displayed if it matches the user’s Google search.
Adwords campaigns work with Pay Per Click, which makes the advert appear only in relevant searches. Billing occurs only when the user has clicked on the ad.


Copywriting consists of creating text for advertising purposes using specialized language and special communication techniques. It is meant to drive the potential client into buying your product or service, but it is also used for controlling the reader, making him take actions to your advantage.

We can create any commercial text you could possibly need. Here are a few examples: web content, attractive titles, presentation or sails emails, articles, advertorials, radio advertisments, scenarios, catalogues, brochures, billboards and many more.

PR & Social Media
Facebook content & management

Facebook is the most popular social media network, having more than a billion users worldwide. It is used by people of all ages, thus becoming a very important tool which helps you reach your existing clients.

Facebook promotion is also a reliable source when it comes to increasing the number of new clients.

Our creative social media manager team will take care of this particular aspect. If your business already exists on Facebook, we will put the wheels in motion. If not, we will create a brand new page and start new.

Instagram content & management

Instagram is a social media app that took the world by surprse. It has been said that a picture speaks louder than words, and in Instagram’s case this is real! Focused on simple meaningful words Instagram speaks through photos. Having an impressive collection of graphic filters easy to manipulate, everyone can become a photographer using this app.

A good Instagram account can set your business’ image high up in the perception of your clients, while being visually appealing at the same time.

Concept / Event Planning

We provide online and offline promotion of various events, such as: seminars, conferences, corporate events, congress, team buildings, product and service launch and many more.
Working with Kiwi Agency comes with a series of benefits: developing a complete strategy suitable for promoting your event.

Blogging & content writing

Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing attractive materials for the client to extract valuable information out of. The idea is to perceive the material as valuable, not necessarily as ads.

The blog is one of the best media of promoting your business. A few well written articles can do a lot to your business’ development plan. Through content marketing services, Kiwi will create an interesting blog which will help you deliver quality content, in order to attract readers and turn them into clients. At the same time, this will make the existing clients come back to you, keeping in touch with your brand all the time.

A content marketing campaign can be shared in various ways, such as social media, print, mobile, e-mail and others. It is also necessary for it to contain as much relevant information as possible, things that can be of use to your potential client.

Having gained your clients’ trust, you will obtain huge brand awareness, causing sales to rise unquestionably.

Our agency will help you create multiple content marketing campaigns, promoting your brand to the top among others in its domain.

Email marketing / list marketing

Via e-mail, text messages or with the help of other lists, you can build a tight relationship with your clients, constantly providing them new content to read and openly communicate with your business.

A tight relationship with a large list of people whose trust you’ve already gained will help create a much better conversion rate, from a financial point of view.

Buzz marketing

This method implies creating buzz around a freshly launched product or service, in order to make people talk about it. The right time to do that is when the brand premieres on the market. Its message must be convincing and different as opposed to its competition. The result is defined by the number of reactions it generates.

Graphic Design
Corporate identity

The first thing that pops into your head when referring to corporate identity is a logo consisting of a symbol and the company’s name, but those elements need to be part of a whole, together with all the other visual identity elements: business cards, folders, letterhead or any other personalized object.

Considering all the visual elements that matter, we will create the identity that best suits your brand, using them on every material mentioned above. Corporate identity is very important in your business’ development, helping maintain the brand’s visual continuity, making it easy to recognize.

Logo design

When we think about any famous brand, the first thing that comes to our mind is the logo. We will gather all the information about your brand and create the perfect logo for your company.
The first step in developing a logo is thoroughly discussing about your company’s profile and activity and conceive the master brief. Then, we can proceed towards the next step: the creative process.

The creative process must take the following aspects into consideration:

  • Designing graphic elements with proper symbolistics;
  • Representative colours for your company’s field of activity;
  • Your business’ tone of voice should be aligned with your design.

After finalizing the second stage, we will show you what we’ve come up with. After that, it’s up to you to decide which image you think suits your business perfectly. We will be looking forward to your feedback so that we can make potential changes based on your suggestions, in order to obtain the best result.
Eventually, you will receive final version of the logo (vector), ready to use on any advertising material from now on, regardless of size.


Infographics are being used a lot lately. These are graphic representations of certain data which contain simple, precise information about a particular subject. Our purpose is to build personalized infographics, as brief and compact as possible, to be easily understood by the audience.
The most important impact is the visual one, we put a lot of care into delivering the most important message directly, not allowing it to get lost among other graphic elements.
This is what makes infographics very useful - they communicate the main message, being easy to read, appealing to a wide audience, and being of great value.

Print design

Graphic design elements are materialized in various advertising materials, such as business cards, company folders, brochures, posters, flyers and others.

Web design

User Interface and User Experience Design are crucial tools when it comes to online advertising. Implementing strategy comes first, and then we can take care of the web design process, making web pages useful selling tools.

It is of high importance to pay attention to details such as buttons, menus, displaying information correctly, contact forms and other similar elements, which are mostly neglected. Every decision taken from a visual point of view can influence the potential buyer.

Print production
Digital print

This type of print doesn’t require a mold and it’s ideal for small circulation print. Another benefit of the digital print is that it’s very fast and flexible, making it very easy to make modifications on the fly.

Offset print

Compared to the digital version, the offset print requires greater prep time to manufacture the molds it uses. But, for large circulation, this method is the most price effective.

Promotional trinkets

Do you need branded toys, clothes, keychains? Whatever it is, we can get it done - be it design or printing.


One of the benefits of banners are the fact that it has tremendous visibility, great image quality and resolution and resistent to the elements. We can quickly design and print banners of any size.

Foto - Video
Photo editing

When your company image is important, it is absolutely mandatory that the images you use for your promotional materials are of the highest quality. To make things easier we can edit photos for you! We can make sure that the images you take, will be well aligned with your overall style.

Commercial Script

If you need a script for your business’ commercial, or if you have an ideea, but are unsure of what to do with it, our writers can take it off your hands!

Motion Graphics

Whatever your idea, if it’s tricky to pull off in live action, it might be a better plan to make it a motion graphic. These videos are effective, accessible and pleasant.

Video Editing

Do you have a product or service that you’d like to make known and popular as fast as possible? That can be accomplished by video. A well thought and well made video can be a pleasure in itself, and go viral.
We are an extremely creative bunch, and can take your raw footage and turn it into any commercial or short film you might require, from start to finish. All you’d have to do is send us the clips and greenlight our ideas.

Web Production

The website is any business’ greeting card. It’s the place where you can access all of a firm’s information, and is the main place where potential clients will look you up.

With a great array of trendy proposals, our websites are designed to be both modern and functional. Responsive on any device, we always put great emphasis on making our sites extremely intuitive and accessible to any audience.


We offer e-commerce services with customized design or predefined templates, with woocommerce and consultancy expertise, in order for your online shop to provide credibility, to work flawlessly and provided the highest conversion rate.


Nowadays, every business should ask itself wether or not it would communicate better with its clients through a mobile app. The reason is plain: most of today’s internet traffic is mobile.
Implementing a useful mobile app could be the breakthrough your business needs.

Website Maintenance

Building a website is just half of the work. Many people disregard the maintenance stages of owning a web page and in time, end up with a unadaptive product that is not up to date.
We periodically check website functionality, administer databases, monitor search engines results and optimize it from constant user feedback.

Website Upgrade

Do you need a fresh design for your existing website? Even the best ones require a redesign every few years, in order to keep up with user demands. This upgrade might target the graphic design, the development of new functions, ease of use or the content.

Web Consultancy

We can help you optimize your site for better SEO, cost reduction, to take advantage of online development opportunities or to improve your array of virtual services.

When we take on web consultancy, we inevitably go through the following steps: market research, product and competition analysis and social media impact and feedback.